Unfulfilled erection


- One was originally a bite of deadly war gas, the other served as rat poison. If some of the horses of the horse could not use light, it was a complicated problem. The basis of the drug for anti-alcohol therapy was to be originally against parasites, the substance that can be found in Viage today should have angina pectoris.


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Disulfiram, known as Antabus, is used for alcohol in the long term. It works like a perfect chemical and mental barrier, which gives me alcohol. How? If you try to give him a test vs. a rather turbulent reaction, against which the novoron hangover is a walk through the garden.

Reversal, thin breath, tingling in the fingers and a strong urge to wood immediately after drinking alcohol makes each glass known uncomfortable. And the psychic barrier starts working right after the first sharp use. Dl u toti vte, what could expect.

This chemical compound saw the light of day in 1920, but it could not be used for the first time in the fifties. They unknowingly took care of it and dnt pharmacologists Jens Hald and Erik Jacobsen. They tested disulfiram as a potent with a potential antiparasitic effect in Meicinalco laboratories.

In 1948, they probably felt good as a result of their work, so they set out independently for each other. Unfortunately, in the self-test, both poil had an amount of disulfiram. Yes, their beliefs didn’t really work out then. They gave the world a bag for anti-alcohol therapy.

By the way, their discovery was known for long years in rubber. They came into regular contact with disulfiram vapors during vulcanization, and their hangovers were hellish. Antabus, or rather his inn disulfiram, probably did not say the last word in modern medicine. Recent oncological research is devoted to his involvement as a cancer drug.

Rat poison in health promises

The year 1921 was not the best for Canadian cattle breeders. In fact, it was one big catastrophe: in a routine step, get rid of twenty-one cows’ horns and twenty of them will die. You castrate twenty-five bk and half of them will meet. All the dead pieces of the earth died of acute bleeding, their wounds would be negligible. What’s going on?

With the answer piel and Frank Schofield, veterinary pathologist. He found her in the inviting tract. First, he found the remnants of strength that the invited enjoyed. It contained a lot of licorice, otherwise quite tasty plants. Only when it ignited did the vN substances activate, acting as a strong anticoagulant. The bag had to be able to drive enough cows and laboratory invitations, the researchers did not manage to isolate the main culprit called coumarin. The substance, which intensively blocks blood clots, is often used regularly.

It became a perfect rat poison and gave an unpleasant rodent. It took only a few grains enriched with coumarin, and the hairy one could hide hiding somewhere where he died of internal bleeding. Between 1940 and 1954 it was one of the most popular rodenticides in Zpad. Rychl, inn a patin drastick.

In 1951, sweat in the US Army several detainees attempted suicide for the first time after the poison. It revealed that vitamin K was the most antidote, and reminded that the substance is an excellent anti-red blood cell. Today, the drug for coumarin is known as Warfarin, 1 percent of the human population. A perlika na zvr? In 1953, Lavrentiy Beria, with the help of Warfarin, tried to poison Stalin. He didn’t make it. Two years later, US President Dwight Eisenhower volunteered to reduce the risk of another heart attack.

The sight of dead gas

Yperite, called t hoin gas, is one of the so-called swelling fights. When you pay a light invitation, it’s too late for everyone. Poison ltka began to etch your mucous membranes. wait vs. those days of hell and then death. How can we treat gas that has killed hundreds of people like livestock?

The answer is a study of the medical darkness of Yale University, which was incorporated into a gas-filled lion. Professor Lee E. Gilman realized that the burn is dying, among other things, because they have a critically low level of flea blood cells in their bodies. For a healthy hunter, this effect is fatal, but in specific circumstances, for example for leukemia patients, a substance reducing the concentration of flea blood cells could be useful.

Gilman, therefore, together with his colleagues began to look for a substance that would basically work on the same principle as fighting gas. Just a little sensitive. The first shower came in 1946 and the substance derived from the deadly hoinho gas was given the name chlorambucil. Perhaps due to its close connection with the infamous killer, at the approval of the Commission for Livelihood had to repent until 1957. Under the name Leukeran, you mutated blood cells in the bridle and prevented en ndor. Recently, it was most often prescribed for patients with leukis young than fifteen years. Chlorambucil has saved more lives since his discovery, not how many mustards he has ever taken.

Univerzln modr room

In contrast, the pharmacological experiment with the code UK-92480 was a complete failure. Pfizer chemists seemed to have grown a lot this time. Their prepartum, which was primarily intended to suppress the development of angina pectoris, did not work. In practice, the inn was only negligible and never achieved significantly better results than competitive livelihoods. This was also confirmed by various test studies with volunteers from a number of British patients, for whom researcher Michael Allen was responsible.

He changed everything by a telephone conversation, which the scientist completed in 1992. He was called by one of the district offices from the town of Merthyr Tydfil, who was also involved in the testing. He told him that people didn’t want to take it, because then they had one such problem. The problem that turned out to be a gold grlem.

The sildenafil, which was later known as Viagra, caused a mummy erection of the penis. Even those who could not even remember the last time they had her. Pfizer therefore launched a new wave of tests and, after five years, patented the product as a means of erectile dysfunction. He can deal with your blood pressure a little, but otherwise it works on one.

This was evidenced by the turnover from sales in 2008, when the globo sold Viagra for 1.934 billion US dollars. Today, by the way, it is one of the most frequently prescribed drugs in the world. Thanks for that, to my universal use. In Argentina, for example, it is not allowed to allow the suppression of the so-called dog disease (jet lag), navy and failure of the disease resulting from disturbed biorhythms after a fast air beautification of several time dogs. Blue pill vs simple put your feet back on your feet.

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Unfulfilled erection

(VnMedia) - One was originally a bite of deadly war gas, the other served as rat poison.

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