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- So carefully, she devoted herself to women’s biological lessons, and forgot how she understood their reproductive abilities with age. The current study therefore warns in particular: they do not even have time and their boundaries around the same year.


As for the impact of age on reproduction, it seems that the darkness that seemed to devote herself to the biological hours of the women’s class, to Laura Dodge, who led the American-Israeli research, which always decided to correct the debt. Therefore, the team gained about 19 thousand cycles of fertilization from a test tube, which took place in the Boston region in 200 and 2014. They were about eight thousand pairs.

Nor would we fully advance, we will see straight away that the study is obvious. As the age increases, the fertilizer may decrease.

Tm Dodge first divided both mues and women into groups according to age. The first passed the age group up to thirty years, the second was defined as thirty and forty years, for five years and forty, the last had extreme points in forty and forty years.

The oldest age group has, according to the eye, the lowest birth rate. Not surprisingly, their ancience did not affect their partner. Only the age group of her did, there she was angry with her.

If a young woman in her thirties had a partner between the ages of thirty and five, she had 73 percent of her childhood. If her partner was between the ages of thirty and two, she was less likely to fertilize to 46 percent. In other words: whether they know it or not, the biological clock is ticking for them, sums up the Guardian’s lapidrn server.

And pipadv gave a study: If it is between the ages of five and thirty and if it can be in the age group of thirty and five, it is 54 percent higher. If her partner was under a dozen, it would be 70 percent. And if a woman is between thirty and five years old, she is still about 64 percent, if the bag is the same age, she rises to 70 percent.

The scientists are not quite sure, because his fertility will decrease with age. In this case, it is due to mutations, the egg passes through them during their stiffness. The cause of infertility is then changes in chromosomes. He is sure that the quality of sperm is declining, but Dodge’s bag says: N research shows that it is not entirely pbh. First, he wants to sweep the way in that direction.

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