Gangs and mobs as a theater. The rich intruders wanted drama in the slums


- It started out as getting rich into the slums for drinking, drugs, prostitution. Behind danger, hchem and otherness. Those flights were bagged in the tourist business. The authenticity of foreign cultures in the form of slumming was replaced by a sad theater, which Llama Bohm offered the worst of the world to the poor as a sensation.


The New York Times has several times deserved to enrich the vocabulary with new terms. And first, at the instigation of London, she came to New York, which was published in 1884, and the notion of slumming elegantly entered the conversations. etina his esk translation does not know yet, so we have to deal only with its definitions. Indicates the duration of free time on an equal footing, even for reasons of charity or out of curiosity.

In the 19th century, the ensemble slept in the authentic atmosphere of a city where the sun would not otherwise go. That is, a district where the city poor suffered in a stump and scabies. The magic of movement in the unhealthy atmosphere of the mud of society, between ladders, light women and starving children, was first succumbed to by London gentlemen. And their short time soon became a phenomenon that broke through and appreciated.

Gentlemen looking for hch

The poor cottages around the Limehouse docks on Temi, the streets of Whitechapel or Shoreditch undoubtedly had an impressive atmosphere. Exotic foreigners mingled with the London nature here, making an impressive cocktail for a girl from the better society. The sounds, smells and tastes of this lost world must have seemed incredible and fantastic to British mums. So much so that they wanted to succumb to that spell repeatedly.

Just imagine: The roar of drunken nmonks, who heard the sounds of HD guided by an incomprehensible cantontine. The air is saturated with opium from the cellar dens, the fumes from the bubbling stumps in the vermin of noodle sellers and the sweetly filled perfumes of public houses. Do you want to inquire distracted with a tattooed beauty, get a rare horse from Hong Kong, drown a lot of pounds in gambling, re-buy with a straight diaper or do you inquire with a snow-colored dream? In the slums it is to me, after which you are due.

Fascination with poverty

Residents of London slums, who had little chance of ever exchanging an existing address for a better one, did not understand this interest at first. But quite soon they clarified the rules of this social game. They realize that British rich people are looking for an ethnically diverse environment, especially because of life. I want to see poverty, stubbornness, corruption, free morals and clues for some unknown cultures who have no opportunity to see in their conservative world. do not need to know what is sad truth and what is meaningful.

Therefore, take over the so-called opertoi above the entrances to the slums. They are men who know the environment and mediate the exoticism for the commission. Make sure that nothing uncomfortable happens to curious tourists. Of course, in addition to the hangover, contagious venereal disease or empty capsules after losing faith, which, however, to stay in the world of cheap exotics without pat.

Slum or open-air museum?

Opertoi knows the owners of brides, where the opium cuckoo will not be gnawed by rats. And if the client wants to see a real pub brawl on Noah, it is not a problem for his guide to stage it in any way.


London dandy to fly beyond the borders of the world of social society. The drawing is from 1823, at that time there was slumming.

A drawing from 1822 depicts slumming in a bar called

A drawing from 1822 shows slumming in a bar called Pekeln sklep.

The underworld of the slums, which Thomas de Quincey talks about in 1822 in the book Confessions of English Opium and which was acclaimed and cursed by Oscar Wilde, Percy Bysshe Shelley or Charles Dickens, disappears. It becomes a cultural open-air museum. The movement of movitch London, who had little interest in the real problem of the poor, but a quarter like Limehouse, paradoxically prospered. Sewerage, public lighting and long sidewalks were introduced here to prevent the gods from getting anointed. The real adventurous flight into the slum will soon leave nothing authentic, but no one obviously minds. In addition, the concept of tourism is gaining ground in the United States.

Master adventurer

How is it in the pine streets of lower Manhattan? Did the people actually live there in their own rocks? Are the tanners around Bowery really so hn and really around the Five Points of the Irish gang? If you are interested in answering, just throw the smallest chicks from your stronghold and pull out one of the plates of the New York operators.

Every day and two and a half hours of walking through the city dungl in 1890 will cost 50 cents. But they’re just amateurs against Chuck Connors. He honed his organizing and acting skills to the maximum and, curiously, offered him a comprehensive acting performance with records of statistics and scenic scenery. First of all, thanks to his gangster attire, he looks like a thug and his Irish accent is so incomprehensible that everyone considers him a perfectly authentic street. His house is a German fortress and I may call myself its unnamed mayor.

A theater that lb vc not reality

With Connors, you’ll be at the Mott Street Theater, a prayer room with fragrant incense sticks, or a stylish restaurant. What about the fact that a Czech monk on the move is just a day of simple vegetables and mumbling incomprehensible mantras after dinner? And in addition to the jasmine aje, the Esk restaurant also goes the American way so that the entrants can enjoy themselves and not fight with the deep?

tvr hchu, bdy a nsil. This is how the New York leader of 1895 presented the Five Points.

Connors vs will take to the opium den, where for dm you will see only the outlines in the unconscious narcotics. do you go before the moment? Sure, they’re all bites of coffee. Undoubtedly, the gold-colored one also includes a variegated on Baxter Street, where the members of the criminal classes take advantage. On weekdays, regularly from five to eight o’clock. They too are a bite of organized theater. Connors is a simple star, and the famous actress Ellen Terry or even the king Sir Thomas Lipton will be thrilled by the audience of his production.

Slumming is business

In 1908, slumming became a business with m vudy. There are badges and squadrons with discounts and newspaper advertising. And so nice thanks to the advertising first paid, which looks like authentic articles about the massacres on the streets of slums.

To avoid panic and confusion, in Chicago, for example, all operatives must have a police shelf and specify how the dramatic elements of their performance are. In San Francisco, organized inspections are even ruined. This district offered a single comprehensive flight to the children of a blind man, a blind bird, a secret playroom, a drug den, the impact of police darkness and the suicide of women, especially on opium. As the Times wrote, there were so many curiosities that they completely unrealistically spilled life on the streets of the city and ruined his uprising for good. In slumming, pay to see other people pay what you wouldn’t want to pay for your pension, laughs James Clarence Harvey, a city traveler in 1905.

A sensation that will not be lost to the poor

It is a matter of estimating whether the participants in the slumming were actually aware that what they see is actually only a small amount, according to the newspaper Chad Heap. But after I defended myself on several such excursions, I am convinced that they are in danger of it.

According to Heap, only people deceived by false exoticism are only one of the hundreds’ problems. Occasionally, the inspection will reveal a situation that is relevant. You are really hungry for a food for the world. But the slumming girl thinks that this is a matter of payment, and act accordingly. According to him, it is problematic to go to one aspect, which senses to the life of different cultures in the poor suburbs. It is the creation of falen reality and non-authentic truth.

ern hell and colorful favela

The example is a common chop suey (sms of kuecho meat, noodles, vegetables and eggs), which has never been eaten. It’s not something that was brought here. It is a dish created for American tourists in the American Quarter in America, l Heap. Today we automatically take it as a natural system kitchen. Of course, this is banality, the newspaper makes the bag more expensive: Slumming this fake authenticity, tempting and tasty, has been demonstrated in other areas of culture as well.

The popularity of urban slumming in England and the United States was gently perused by the wolf worlds, but continues to this day. At the age of six, flights to black Harlem and the Bronx became popular, and at the age of eight, the world began to open up to slumming. South Africa has set up a tourist business in apartheid and racially divided cities, luring armored vehicles. At that time, more than 300,000 flight attendants used this attraction in the open-air museum of poverty and poverty.

And today? Slumming is considered to be the fastest growing tourism sector. Among the hot tourist destinations are the secret water slums in Kibee, Bombay Dharavi or Indonesian Jakarta. The unique area is the Brazilian favela-slumming, over which he holds the protective hand of the drug mafia. The swarms of masters, which, as two centuries ago, two space opertorms go to the plates of a million.

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