The pen is better than a notebook. We remember everything from run written notes


- Do not pick up the notebook if you are going to a desk or business meeting. Notes to the drink run. According to the research of American psychologists, you will take away a lot from the event. When writing this, you will grind everything, not when you notice the lightning speed into the keyboard.


Taking notes on your laptop is faster. With ten fingers on the keyboard, you can write down the stenographic accuracy of each of Enek’s words and thoughts after a little thorn. Therefore, today the university classroom at the front desk still reminds the center of the center. However, modern practice has a rock, which is now pointed out by Daniel M. Oppenheimer, a psychologist at the University of California, Los Angeles. He noticed a difference between the knowledge of his students, who took notes, and those who recorded the information in electronic form.

When technology doesn’t help

The students hiding behind the monitors of their laptops have never been seen by university professors with the love, the Oppenheimer pipette. This is because surfing on the Internet is often seen on laptops, first of all, write on social networks and the idea of ​​a Friday was one stone in the mosaic of multitasking.

What if students are above all honest and use the technique only to write notes? Oppenheimer therefore embarked on an unusual experiment with Princeton’s colleague Pam Mueller. Its goal was to find out whether the mere presence of a laptop could affect the user’s ability to think productively.

Given that the student’s laptops penetrate the middle wheels and regular work in companies, this is a difficult question, Muellerov emphasizes. In the middle of a high school, such an experiment could easily be carried out: half of the students from the student processed the notes from the paddock with a pen on a beam, the other was a job to work on personal sweats.

The beasts were clear and persuasive. Students who regularly wrote notes in electronic form for a long time showed a dreamy level of understanding of the subject matter. Even with the fact that their remarks were far more contained than a student with run letters described.

Jene vdce navc zajmalo, co za tm me stt.

Monitory kod vem okolo

Assuming that it lies in the procedural processing of information and suppression of brain activity, the court both authors. For laptop users, the words prednejcho mn in the written text notes much faster, without even stopping in their heads.

In contrast, students who take run notes are slow in their writing. Everywhere you have to process and condense the spoken material simply in the form. The result is a well-known string, but structured includes the most important issues that were discussed in the discussion of the presidency. The people behind the keyboards did not get information loaded with material, but only a complex inconsistency. Although they were faster, they did not come close to acquiring knowledge.

For this reason, too, American universities are embarrassed by the idea that they would put laptops in front of hearing. But it’s not easy. They are the first and mature people. They can vote, serve in armd and own property, said Susan Dinarsky, an education specialist at Harvard University.

Good reason, forbid students to work with laptops in class, but see. Because the presence of a switched on computer disrupts the process. If not for themselves, then for their surroundings. Researchers from McMaster University in Canada drank some time with this evident finding. How? They gave a student equipped with laptops to ask for unrelated information about film news on the Internet during the course.

Of course, they took the information from me during the test. But the results worsened even for students who did not have a laptop, and only here and there peeked the dog’s shoulder to a neighbor on the monitor.

Negative externality in the session

In economics, a thermal negative externality is used for a similar phenomenon, explains Dinarsky and explains that this is a situation where an individual’s damage to the environment. It is similar to the environment: one point source of pollution, coal-fired power plant, the air pollution on a much wider area.

And it’s similar with laptops. Students around the screen potae have distracted attention, not focused on the darkness. He succumbs to other questions, because on the monitor I often see not only written notes, but communication on social networks, world news or e-mails, he sums up.

Oppenheimer and Muellerov then remind you that laptops are a bearer of service even to those users who are disciplined to use for writing. Do not glue laptops in the process. Let’s go faster, don’t think. In practice, you just spell the words enka, without even thinking about them. Do not summarize, do not process the information with your brain and do not persist.

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The pen is better than a notebook. We remember everything from run written notes

(VnMedia) - Do not pick up the notebook if you are going to a desk or business meeting. Notes to the drink run.

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