The games of online games are not vertical, but you raise the problems to vda


- It is not a version of the classic gambling. Paen online games according to the current study is not vertical. His lovers try to fill the emptied emon space and inquire about the feeling of happiness that real life does not offer them.


Cursed psychologists from all over the world have been using this for many years. And although their debates are often no longer heated, they have only led to the reluctance of Internet games in the International Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders, a kind of universal psychologist, to be considered neutral as the subject of further research.

In his new study, Netolo Weinsteinov, a psychologist at the University of Cardiff, sided with the theory of verticality.

How to know the verticality

She took into account the nine key expressions on the online games, as described in the change of manuals. This is practically the last point of discussion, at which psychologists confirm and, in spite of the existence of the Internet, agree the same.

Without surprise, the first point here is the perception of boundaries with obsession and symptoms of dampness and restlessness, if you do not yet have the opportunity to deal with the thunder. According to there, there is an increasing tolerance, which is not the first reminder of building life: it gradually needs to play its activity more and more time. He also loses interest in other activities, interests and responsibilities, even if he is aware of the consequences.

Tebae repeatedly tried to limit his play activity, failed. Playing by warms the life and social relationships of the game, at a distance of two distances, employees or family. And the surroundings play about how long it takes to actually play. In the event that there are more and more described manifestations, the diagnostics fall into a state of verticality.

Seized, but not hung

Weinstein put together a really solid sample of 5,777 games, 2,316 of whom were eighteen years old, and during clinical trials she tried to give them the manifestations described in the manual. Surprising questions, interviews and tests did not result in a float of pots.

In fact, we came across only nine games that met five or more criteria for the Weinsteins. And when we repeated the attempt with the same group later with the same group, the clinical significance did not fall within the days of them.

Most games at the arrest and at the end of the study scored only three or three points from the diagnostic speeches. The bottom of them did not feel the stress or discomfort that would bring the edges. According to the criteria recognized so far, it has practically been confirmed that lovers of online games cannot be described as vertical. Long-term exposure to online games simply cannot be considered vertical.

However, not all questions about online games were clarified. The rest is as follows: So why play for it?

Fill empty cities

A certain indication was the subjective evaluation of the intensity and frequency of projections for the last six months, which Weinstein was interested in in a group of games over the age of eighteen. For those who, after a full year, recorded a decrease in the criteria of verticality, a change has entered life. For example, they started to spend more time with their friends, they preferred it or they were more engaged in physical activities. In other words, they found a means to their fullness of their time, and thus they achieved evidently satisfied satisfaction, which was not offered by the pot games.

That need to be fulfilled then became the basis for the hypothesis that the people persisting with online games just need to fill some space, to the Weinsteins. According to us, the edge is a non-smoking activity of people who are in a way unhappy, dissatisfied with their life situation. And in life in general, or in employment, relationships and career.

According to n, the dependence on online games probably does not exist. Diagnostic criteria for verticality are not met and generally play because they are not fulfilled in other areas of your life. Replacing hours lost before the pot is not theoretically tk. But the game must find out from which emonch the motive of his feeling does not fulfill the source, and he must find an alternative way to their satisfaction.

Potaov games don’t have problems, get those stars

Weinstein’s findings are broadly in line with that of psychologist Richard TA Wood of Nottingham Trent University. His theory provoked controversy in 2008, because the company had a tendency to pay off the differences between paen games.

Wood Bag came up with the claim that even a long hour lasting for the game is not vertical. The whole concept of dependence on digital games is the result of the concerns of parents and the work of the copper, but only a long time, as a result of a vigilant expert, condemned the wolf against the thunder.

According to him, the problem of psychological practice was that he was trying to adapt the diagnostic criteria of gambling to sit on the edge of pot games. Only the gambler quits for a pension and the game is, in his opinion, the only option for him to get back, his problem worsens. The bag of potato games does not survive, its strange liking does not come up with the problems associated with classic verticality.

Yes, ztrc as. But killing an ordinary and with a clinical problem in the true sense of the word is not. And whether the game of games came from social contact, subject to a very individual evaluation, Wood argued, adding: Yes, the games of potion games often find no one in front of the reality and problems of their lives. But these problems occurred before, not started. They are not caused by dark play. There is no evidence that the edge of pot games causes a problem for the game that is not there for two.

The games of online games are not vertical, but you raise the problems to vda

(VnMedia) - It is not a version of the classic gambling. Paen online games according to the current study is not vertical.

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