I terrorized the police on my bike, to biketrialist MacAskill


- They wrote about the New York Times, carrying the Olympic march five years ago in London, and was nominated for the Adventurer of the Year in 2012 by National Geographic magazine. Danny MacAskill also enjoys cycling. A ride on nm asn.


Pat into the group of biketrialists for him, who have fun on the bike and let them get wet. His YouTube videos reach tens of millions of views. With his show DropnRoll, Danny MacAskill also arrived in the Czech Republic this year, when he decorated the accompanying program of the World Mountain Bike Cup in Nové Mesto na Morav. First there was an interview.

Life can be divided into two, before and after YouTube. How were you?
I grew up on the small Isle of Skye in the north-west of Scotland. There was not much to do, so I persevered with my friends, I rode my bike on the streets or on the mountains. And when I was about eleven, I found out about bike racing.

Did you know right away that it’s something for vs?
Immediately. I’ve been doing it every day since. When I finished the bike and moved to the bike shop, I helped there as a repairer. But I never stopped cycling. Although I never competed, I tried new tricks below and in 2005 a friend made a video of Aviemore with me. In a year, it was eaten by a million people, but nothing extra. Then saw the year 2009.

Pesnji 19. duben roku 2009 a video Inspired Bicycles.
That’s right. I was in Edinburgh, I still rode for myself and for rid of myself. Sure, I did a pr show in Scotland, but nothing big. It’s just that the video we released then suddenly shattered everything. I never dreamed of being a professional biker and suddenly I was. People immediately started pst me, imitate me, send me videos and signed sponsorships with Red Bull, Continental, POC, GoPro or Endura.

Didn’t you care about independence?
Mm tst, em sponzoi let me do what I want j. It’s not that they would tell me something. Listen to me, but still work with the friends I started with the videos. I travel the world, I entertain people and I have nothing to stand for.

Did you expect the Inspired Bicycles video to be such a hurry? Eighty million people were killed by him.
Not at all. Vn just wanted to film how it lasts in Edinburgh. I was very happy to live with a friend who was a great cameraman. I knew it was easy, and it was confirmed. The song in the video showed, among other things, the style and one that I am capable of on a bike. I learned a lot during that, I tried some things around you a hundred times and I had to be patient. I also learned that when you create a value that is worth something, take a lot of time. But then it really works, people will appreciate it.

You got on a bike for the first time in those years. Were you the guy who tried tricks right away, jumped on the back?

Not that. At that time, I was just braking the streets, driving through gardens. I had a lot of energy that I started to put into the bike in time. Gradually, I learned to drive on the back, then on the front, and I terrorized the local police, for which I got into trouble. Vn, how many times a police car followed me with a lighted light! (laughs) Dungevan is really small, I also did those classic guys.

But you never wanted to seduce on a bike?
The island is so old that all the gullies were hundreds of kilometers away. And when I get up, even as a child, I wasn’t the most compelling boy in the world. I didn’t feel the need to tell my friend. I didn’t care if I won or they did. Mm rd, when he is one more relaxed, more creative, when he talks to his friends during it. Biketrial is a big game for me with headphones. Under the long tricks I did fifteen years ago, and under it, I have fun.

In my free time I go cycling to the forest

It is important that you do not fully seek medical attention.
Bad how I’m doing with time. I have a lot of projects and naten, so it’s not easy to combine. But I know I’m in favor of our community. I’m not looking for fame, but it’s great that the videos address people and they will try some tricks for you. This is inspiring, but I really don’t look for medile attention.

Thanks to mdim, you have become famous all over the world. What do you most consider yourself as a professional biker?
It is a big bonus for him to ride a bike. (laughs) But it’s strange, because I ride my bike far away from me, not when I worked in a shop. Stran moc asu toti trvm na cestch. Mm, for example, a show where I perform for fifteen minutes and mm done. Then I get on a plane and fly away.

After St.

After the world millions of fans. In the esk so. In Nové Mesto, it was the star of the accompanying program of the World Mountain Bike Cup.

On the bike especially

Danny MacAskill can do incredible tricks on the bike. He also showed them in Novm Mst.

Also losing free time vs freezing the most?

Probably yes, but it’s not like I’m in a hurry. I never even dreamed of a life that actually. I have a lot of time to wear, for example, in the winter, when I return home, but I also take time off between performances. Whenever possible, I go somewhere in the woods, I have fun.

You traveled the globe by bike. Do you have a dream to go, where would you like to go?
On the list of them mm below go enough. But the list is very secret.

What’s on top of it, don’t tell me, eh?
Ooo, that’s not it. But it will probably be something I will work on pt. Projects on which it is currently long, or is mm in full, I do not want to keep secret until the last moment, which at the time of Instagram is not quite easy. But I’ll remember somewhere, I’m working on a new project there and I’m digging with me, what’s new for our scene, or it’s new for me at least. You also have to repent and see.

Which path are you most proud of yet?
Tk otzka. Mm tst that I visited a lot of ndhernch cities. Recently, I was, for example, on Kilimandra, which was asn, a little adventurous, not what I’m used to. And I don’t know if I know, but one of the best things I did on my bike was one with Martyn Ashton, one of my little heroes. On one show before those years, unfortunately, he injured his father, but two years ago he was spinning on a specially modified bike, and he was there. That was something special for me. A day I will never forget.

Has there been progress in lb in the two years since Ashton has been spinning?

Not exactly. He is in a wheelchair and his condition is stable. Even though that pd changed his life, you are every day. He had to adapt and he managed to do it, again he is an inspiration. Maybe one day there will be a lb that reminds him, put him on his feet and he will be able to do tricks with them again.

That’s what I ask my father: Is biketrial dangerous?
Yippee. Even table tennis is dangerous. Sure, some sports are mountains, but the trial is somewhere in between. Let’s do tricks, but get to each level gradually. At the arrest, it is important to stay connected to the ground with at least one wheel, and with each other trick, you are more and more confident. Of course, when you film, you go head-to-head, don’t hide it.

Are you ever afraid of cycling?
Of course. The biggest fear mm when dlm something new. Some cyclists cope with the darkness, for me it is quite a bag. It takes me two hours, I won’t decide. And when I do it the first time, I still fall, I know what was wrong and gave the experiment better.

How long does it take to learn a new trick?
Every trick is different, but I can often do it all day. Sometimes I even draw it and spot it as it should look. Think about it, after all, the first attempt is pretty scary.

Your videos take an average of five minutes. How much time does it take to fill and how much does it take?
That’s different. The video The Ridge looks like a fully epic production, but it took you six or seven days. Vn it was quite a simple one, although a lot of walking, but one was really simple. Then here is the video Wee Day Out, which took six months to fill and shoot. We worked in blocks, some tricks we did for five days. For each video, I dream of being different from the previous one. Sure, there are similar elements to each other, but you are deprived of Wee Day Out, where The Ridge is quite slow. Mm rd, when I have videos and people who don’t give a trial. There they find a horrible product or, for example, a train from Harry Potter, with which they drown and have fun.

In your business, all the tricks look really simple. Who did you suffer from a lot?
One of the best things I’ve ever done was jump on a haystack that rolled down the hill. It doesn’t seem like it, but when it flew down the hill, my wheels came to life. Also when you brake, you drive forward, when you turn, it’s like reversing in a car. It was really just something on my head, I fell under it, but it was a lot of fun.

In strong cycling, fans entertain various tricks and ride Peter Sagan on the back wheel. Do you think he could do what you do?
Petra mm rd. It’s great that even the biggest seductions entertain people. I saw him jump on the car once. I have great technique on my bike and I’m sure that if he got thorny, he would be great in the trial. But I’m not sure if it would work, opan. If I could compete with him in spurts and hills. Mon, if you would give me ten years of thorns, I could fidget a flight back.

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