Diamonds without luster: they are overvalued and there is a cartel behind them


- Diamond is the hardest selling mineral. If the bag fits its real thorn price, it is far from strong. Behind its value are, above all, the masterful promotion and promotion of the diamond monopoly.


By about the middle of the nineteenth century, diamonds could be found in only a few small towns in India and in several localities of the impenetrable Brazilian dungle in Minas Gerais. The whole world, which was in the form of a suitable find, could be shaded in kilograms. At that time, diamonds were really only used by queens and empresses.

The sawmill was changed in 1870, when, after lengthy complications, long-term mining in Geraip, South Oranov, was launched. Soon, this turned out to be a major problem for the solid British investors and the banks behind the project.

When a noble grows there will be an emergency

The production of diamonds increased due to the rich depth found in the whole ton, at the horizon of the MSC. Hardly then could they be considered precious to match their deadly prices. The threat of a rapid decline of the commodity on the stock exchange and the return on the million pounds of investment in you began to be, however, doubtful.

The value of this diamond declined with each put on the willow. This was compounded by the fact that they could be found in abundance in Beunsk (Botswan) and thus on the lands of Angola and Namibia. If the situation continued in the set trend, the current task forces would compete for the world market with their production and price. And in a moment, diamonds would not be an ordinary semi-precious stone.

The treasury, which in 1888 was fully agreed upon by all major banks, would, from one point of view, be concluded by a cartel agreement. Did you sleep in it? In the merger of the investment capital and the merging of the task technology of the existing competitors under the head of one company, De Beers Consolidated Mines, Ltd. And this syndrome then took over the diamonds of the patron worlds.

Take one of them

The rationale for such a step is simple. One company, which controls the entire entire diamond market, decides on their prices. Regardless of how many diamonds were cut each year, the corporation released them into the world only by a certain st. Enough for the sale to generate a rich profit, but not so much that their eventual surplus will cause the market price to fall.

In fact, the turnover from the sale of the diamond canton (with the exception of the period of the Great Depression in the twenties of the last century) increased slightly. And he’s jumped 25 percent in the last thirty years. While you need gold, silver or copper under unexpected economic fluctuations, diamonds simply remained high. Conglomerate De Beers has invented something better than monopoly price control. With the help of sophisticated advertising and sophisticated sales psychology, he created a mechanism by which small carbon crystals became universally recognizable meanings of wealth, power and romance.

In 1946, for example, he paid for an indirect advertisement in 125 newspapers from around the world. The essence of the campaign was to present the various celebrities who boast diamonds. And which woman wouldn’t want to perk like a movie star?

A deck, what a must for maybe

And from this diamond sentiment, the business, which offers me a slightly differently modified scoop of ash, for the price of a coal wagon to this day. Just look at how the current follower De Beers, the international organization of the World Diamond Council, is the subject of his business.

Diamonds are a deep expression of emotion: love, affection, bond. They are one of the most precious creatures on planet Earth, and each one is as original as the person wearing the nose. They were born to meet the world, and Petrva and to its end, proclaimed.

Although honey drips from such kvtnatch words, some things have not changed. You think diamonds are a damn rough business. For one diamond card, you need to cut out and discuss about 1,750 tons of soil. In Africa, where 65 percent of the world’s production comes today, two of these activities work for 10 million people. Here, mined minerals at the local level generate a profit of only $ 8.5 billion, the vast majority of which remain in the hands of corporations. Here the spear without the diamond can not get rich. Only in the zmo of the diamond stv treasure, the turnover from their sale will climb to 72 billion ron.

Don’t try to get rid of them

Unfortunately, the weight of the outer and indestructible diamonds was not based on truth. Yes, diamonds are the hardest selling mineral, but in fact they are very keen and prone to breakage if you know how to put them in it first. Or when they accidentally fall to the ground. In principle, they are not even heat-resistant, as are graphite or carbon. All you have to do is get a source of heat and air and the beautiful crystals will ignite. They can burn at 900 degrees Celsius, which is not a problem when supporting the house.

And look at diamonds as a good investment for the future? Given that the mare sellers of these gems reach 100 and 200 percent, this is not the first good idea. Don’t get rid of a diamond ring that you bought for two thousand dollars, better than 600. In Africa, such a tribe is not worth more than $ 85. Sellers are usually not interested in buying once sold diamonds back. Paying them to our wholesalers and after the sale and repurchase would jeopardize their own investment.

Diamonds with human blood on them

The mechanism of the central sale and sale of diamond, which was held by the conglomerate De Beers until 2001, tried to suppress the effort to eventually sell the diamond with a single advertisement. If these customers started to put into circulation en masse or husband’s hand in circulation due to the existing reasons for diamonds, it would turn out that their price would definitely not correspond to the sales value. And the darkness of the pyramid would soon collapse. In addition, it is not yet certain how many jewels sold in Europe and the States come from illegally and unlicensed you. They all look the same.

Only these uncertified, so-called blood diamonds, are used to finance the revolution of militias and guerrilla armies, are under the conditions of slave labor and make a substantial contribution to the devastation of the environment. The company’s task lawsuit that according to the blood diamond on world sales does not reach even three percent. Non-profits, who deal with the problem, on the contrary, claim that they can be up to twenty percent.

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