Happy life guarantees spe good sleep and sex no pension, to study


- Good sleep, good sex, job security, the health of close relatives and good ties with the community around us. Satisfied life comes first with this factor quintet. And the longest thing is a good quality. Hard to study Oxford Economics.


The institution affiliated with Oxford University conducted a unique survey with the National Center for Social Research and, in addition to more than eight thousand British men and women, also took a new indicator of life satisfaction (Wellbeing Index). It was based on questions that examined a different aspect of the respondents’ lives.

In the end, the scientists ranked the volunteers according to their reactions to the key from zero, which meant an absolute lack of satisfaction, to a hundred, which was reserved for the most satisfied lives.

Most of the respondents settled between 55 and 75. Twenty percent of volunteers reached the highest group, which was 72 and 92. The exact average then reached 62.2.

Of course, the scientists were not satisfied with that, and whatever, first of all this place to start their study, you can find it on the Oxford Economics website, really interesting. The subject of their research was the question of a satisfied life.

Job security plays a role, I don’t

First, they looked for an answer in groups of a factor they called Who Are We ?. So they looked at whether a happy life was related to age, gender, ethnicity or education. They found that only one single factor plays a significant role in the whole of this group, and tm is vk. People five and five years old, and above all three years old, are very satisfied with their lives, not young. And half of the people who got above the value of 65 on the scale of life satisfaction, according to you, brought out the first and only their age.

That is why the scientists turned their attention in the direction of the question How do we go ?. It included a total of eighteen factors grouped into six areas, including finance, health, the social environment, relationships, lifestyle and community ties. And the analysis yielded some surprises.

Many people are surprised that income in relation to life satisfaction is only insignificant, far from being one of the most influential variables. If the average British wage had risen by fifty percent, it would have jumped upward by only half a percentage point on the scale.

On the other hand, a high quality role plays a large role, according to the author of the study it is the strongest indicator of satisfaction, which controls other factors. Most of the respondents who reported the highest score on the satisfaction index stated that 60 percent of cases fell after the number of hours. On the contrary, those who occupied the bottom twenty percent of jobs on the job were honored only or never.

The influence of quality factors also includes quality sex. The first respondents who were satisfied with their sexual life can be found at the expense of life satisfaction. At its peak, 63 percent of people signed up for happy sex, while only 35 percent of respondents in the entire population could say so, according to the independent.co.uk server.

While income is not essential, materially rooted in the existence of the significance: peace, and thus satisfaction brings to our lives the security of the job. Among those who completed the highest level of satisfaction, 43 percent boasted a very high level of job security.

The quintet closes the health of close relatives and the tightness of ties in the community. Typically, a person converses with neighbors only once or twice a month. Only in the group for the sake of life satisfaction, 70 percent of respondents talk to their neighbors once a week, adding the Business Insider server.

The analysis reveals that in a world that has never been connected, it is not today, the richness of our relationships and the two most important determinants of how we read. And this is an area of ​​our lives, in which we can act and make a change, the Huffington Post quotes Ian Mulheirn from Oxford Economics. (Incidentally, the emergence of a relationship with pain for life satisfaction was also confirmed by this survey by Robert Waldinger of Harvard)

The authors of the study need to remember which factors are not related to a happy life. For example, it does not matter whether the respondents lived in their own house or whether they were subtenants. Similarly, there is not a significant amount of free time or the time they insisted on social networks. The researchers should confess kadch est msc to the full group of respondents.

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