There are slight errors in the maps. Like a trap for plagitors and a joke


- According to some of them, you will not get to the customs. While making some mistakes in the maps, their creators will try to help the plagitors with their help. Jin are a reflection of their sense of humor.


Creating a detailed map of a dynamically developing city is a very costly affair. Cartographers work in entire teams, which evaluate information from the archives of land funds and the cadastre, and their activities complement the people in the club. Geographers and surveyors use individual data, gradually changing the real image capturing reality. There is also modern technology, such as drones. And so the various programs of the tool.

It’s not cheap. For example, a set of Nokia Maps maps capturing all of the world’s metropolises was valued at $ 8.1 billion in 2007. So, if you spend such a pension to get a perfect map, you understandably want to maintain control over your work. And that’s why the creators of the map have at least the last century mentally included in their long mistakes, according to which they can detect possible plagitors.

Streets to catch

Cartographers give them Trap street, and serve as traps for potential intruders of property rights. When you copy his work without the consent of the owner of the map, make exactly the same mistakes in your plagiarism that the member made the first creator. And the judge will then have a valid argument about your ina.

Of course, even tourists can easily get caught in this area, especially if you enjoy walking along the various picturesque streets and alleys. They can find out that those destinations do not actually exist at all.

The real rhyme of these streets is London in Europe. Hunters of cartographic sensations have been able to detect a hundred of them here, but it is likely that there will be many more. A typical example is Moat Lane, which creates a northeastern connection with Clandon Gardens. It is not actually created: in the city there is only a bridge for five cyclists above the road, but definitely not the bottom of the street.

ada Trap Street is located in Czech Atnch. The problem, however, is that the author did not put such an emphasis on the first two. That’s why today the city also captures official maps with a lot of bugs, which arose from a number of previous nicely copied versions, and then no fictitious locations here, no one is sure today. Fortis Maps, which prints various maps and folders in support of Czech tourism, has therefore issued a general warning to users in the case of Atn: some of the streets on our maps are simply not here.

In the United States, they compete in a sweat of non-existent streets captured in the available materials of California’s Riverside and San Bernardino. There are no two streets in them that you should not get lost in, because they are not here. In America, however, the issue of Trap Street is in sentiment. A lawsuit filed in 1997 between Alexandria Drafting Co. and Amsterdam, namely, confirmed that the existence or non-existence of roads is not a fact of property.

Cities that don’t exist

This is not always the case for Trap Street for the needs of the court. Quite often it is a small mistake, but messages with defects. Thus, in 1978, two non-existent cities, strangely named Gobla and Beatos, entered the roads of the map of Ohio. There is only a wasteland in their place, and Peter Fletcher, chairman of the Michigan State Road Commission, led the time.

He was a graduate of the University of Michigan, for which Sttn University in Ohio was a traditional sports rival. How does it relate? Pokik Go Blue! was traditionally a slow Michigan. The message of the OSU beat is equally clear, so Nandejte to Ohijsk sttn. It was hard to see if two Ohio fans or the sm governor had noticed these minor mistakes, but it was certain that the whole edition of the car atlas had to be reprinted. Fletcher’s bag was worth the joke.

Pbh of the fictional city of Agloe in New York is a different way. Otto G. Lindberg and Ernest Alpers of General Drafting created a map of the region in the last century. Change the non-existent Agloe, its name originated from the poten letters of their names, planted in the wastelands under the Western Catskills. And they felt that this joke paid off for them. Competitors from Rand McNallys Maps also published their map during the flight. And Agloe was listed there t. Pesto court did not turn out time.

In the course of several plates of the town, a shop for tourists was created in the designated city, bearing the name corresponding to the label on their map. The washed-out locality became real.

And the real Cimrman locality became the British Argleton, set on maps of Aughton in western Lancashire. An innocent insight into Google Maps, the magical realism of psychogeography, lives my own life today, and a fictional city gives me my own website. In Britain, she deeply understood: What you want from us, we are honest people from Argleton!

Paprov street, city phantom and member of the catch

According to the map, there should be streets here, which you can sometimes look at in a car atlas in desperation. A mon tam skuten mla bt. Only the full and originally hot investment changes and various infrastructures are not realized. The prepared traffic line or street got into the first edition of the map only as a refined drawing and in the second petition it was shown in full colors.

Some maps are full of these paper streets. Sometimes they are predictions of the future, other times only the illusion of past pn. For example, Whitefield Road on the London suburbs. It caused a number of complications, because the ride in 2005 existed only on the pope.

The fact that you can’t get somewhere, because the road doesn’t exist, is not such a problem as when you actually find a city that ignores the maps. For example, you can find a nice home on Book Mews near London Denmark Street. Maps, but I claim Brook Mews is here. Letter here or there, but when does Broadway Walk in the maps change to Barlett Place? That’s what the courier has to do.

the inhabitants of Holmeswood also fell. Instead of their name, only the label Dummy 1325, ie the figurine, appeared on GoogleMaps. We are not figurative days, our villages have stood here for centuries, the townspeople were fighting. Margaret Seddonov, the owner of the local store, commented angrily on the incident: This matter told Google’s customs, not the people of Holmeswood.

But we must not forget that the work of a cartographer is lengthy, monotonous and boring. This could explain the presence of the Lyask slope label on the map of Haggerston’s London Park or the non-existent Mt. Richard. It appeared on a map of Boulder County, Colorado in 1970. In a town where St njak Mountain could be found. However, this unusual geological defect was explained in a relatively natural way. The creator of the map was certainly Mr. Ciacci, the real name Richard.

If you know a similar catch in Czech maps, share it in the discussion.

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There are slight errors in the maps. Like a trap for plagitors and a joke

(VnMedia) - According to some of them, you will not get to the customs. While making some mistakes in the maps, their creators will try to help the plagitors with their help.

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