Meditation works


- Improving mood, self-esteem and mental resilience, sn stress. A number of studies have shown the positive effects of darkness meditation. A new study suggests that it affects women rather than men. The explanation is that they again respond to stress differently than smoke.


Although the study at American Brown University was based on a small sample of volunteers, it had at its age one-hundred-and-one students who completed 12-week meditating courses in 2008 and 2011. Nevertheless, she pays attention because she was the first to show that the effects of meditation may vary according to the sex of her practitioners.

The questions asked by the participants revealed that although they practiced meditation more often than not women, they did not find that meditation helped them as much as women. Learning the techniques of mindfulness meditation led to a decrease in negative emotional states, the study said. This type of meditation is able to record thoughts and emotions in acquisition, even if he has not yet identified or judged them.

The authors of the study also offer an explanation of the different effects of meditation on men and women. Refer to studies according to which men and women respond differently to psychological stress. While they tend to externalize it, women intimate it. Simplified eeno: they can go to football, women ask about their feelings. This is matched by the fact that sufferers suffering from disorders such as depression and bones are more prone to breeding disorders and drug addiction.

According to the author of the study, the effect of darkness meditation is stronger in people who internalize psychological stress and hardness. While the wolves are normally self-critical, meditation allows them to distance themselves from their feelings and thoughts, and therefore leads to a sharp decline in negative emotions.

Experts, even the study itself, warn against unjust courts. Meditations should not be thrown into anyone. After all, many studies have confirmed that the meditation of darkness helps to cope with psychological pressure and initiate traumas, for example, with American Mariks. women from their effect benefit not less, but it is also beneficial for women.

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