How the lottery is achieved: obedience and cunning of mathematics


- According to the instructions, the children pulled only those shirts out of fate, the sellers lied to the clients and chose games for their lottery tickets. And a bunch of genil student invented a system. Meet the achry with lotteries.


The time-mixed drum with the addressed balls, from which the gaming line-up is randomly drawn, goes directly to the camera in the live broadcast. Taken together, it looks like a bulletproof system, especially for an individual to choose to have children. Only in Milan Lotto’s popularity did something go wrong. One of the oldest city lotteries in Italy was completely destroyed and the lottery between 1995 and 1997 was manipulated in at least one hundred cases.

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As a result of extensive training in 1999, nine people were behind me. And so the fact that he gave the then popular city lotteries throughout Italy were linked to failing djin. The Lotto system was, in fact, as predatory as an eeto and chanted fraud during the lottery, probably for years, nor would it be limited to Miln in principle. Was there a hek in it? For example, in those innocent-looking children.

When the drum of destiny with a hearing from 1 to 99 first spread in Miln, the year 1449 was written! In Lombardy, the city supported gambling with a really long history. At that time, blind orphans were drawn, and he remained a Miln vrn tradition until the nineties of the last century. The selection of bullets with hearing was carried out either by blind children or by inmates of children’s homes with a dog or dog.

But in 1997, far-earned television viewers noticed that some of the children without a child were born and thought similarly to the children of their parents working in the city’s municipal finance department. Although it has a million inhabitants, it is below the village by Italian standards. Get to know each other here. Doubts about the impartiality of the lottery were added. When some children, who actually came from orphanages, began to realize that they did not receive the games they ordered for their participation in Milan Lotto. In the TV studio, the children had to spend a long time performing in front of the cameras.

Only in this way were they able to choose the postballs of the bullets that were the most palpable. The only element of the accident in the whole lottery was the skill of the children who were looking for the balls in the drum. The lottery operator therefore knew who was most likely to fall because they took care of it themselves.

In Genoa and it was similar to the lottery. There, however, the children chose the liveliest and brightest balls, on which they could only see a little under the not completely blinding point of the furnace, or in another variation, they picked up those completely smooth for this deception.


Milnsk lottery in 1907. Its history is a bag to go much star, dating back to 1499.

The Italian police later found that various forms of manipulation were likely to take place in lottery-like plates, often involving operators or maturing controllers. And in addition to the salary, the gambler was to go hard, intimidate and wash money. Whether the scam also affected the record lottery jackpot of 83.5 million lire is not clear, but you will not play the classic Lotto in Miln.

I’m sorry, don’t heat up. Vyhrvm j

We are sorry, but this lottery ticket is the one that no one from szka carried rd. But how do you really know that the lot didn’t win? Just because I told him to do it? You might be wondering what will happen to you with your szkov ticket soaked in koi. In Ontario, Canada, between 1999 and 2006, you would be quite confident. The owner of the office, Jun-Chul Chung, kept the existence of the game secret for at least twelve times before his customers. In 2003, he drank a nice $ 12.5 million. And the OLGC (Ontario Lottery & Gaming Corporation, the operator of the Canadian State Lottery) should raise doubts about the involvement of the owner of the office, let it be.

And Jun-Chul Chung was propt carefully. With his claim to the game, his distant relatives and peoples reported. The last word was finally given in 2007 by the Canadian police. She noticed a very disproportionate division of games on the ground of Canada.

It can be said that the flat on the salt or a layer of sports teams can be played at about the same frequency. Yes, in the cities there is a thick width per unit area, a bit more than in the village. But the distribution of games is appropriate. Or it should bt. It is therefore somewhat noticeable when an average large office yields one winner after another. More precisely, when from a few small offices for 5,713 taench big jackpots, 214 inches will come out. In one hundred, the Ontario provincial police arrested five clinking office workers, including Mr. Chung. Together, they were able to prepare $ 100 million for szkae.

Robert Miles from Syracuse, New York, was hit hard. The young man, who first recovered from crack in 2006, was smiled: a lot of lots with a game of five million dollars! As Andy Ashkar, the shop owner, explained the bag to him, he probably understood the rules.

Unfortunately, you could only win five thousand dollars for this type of lottery ticket, he told him. In addition, he warned her that he would still be on duty for the rest of the day. That’s why he paid him three thousandths for a lot of money. So Ashkar rubbed a real gem in his hands. Grab the game and in 2012, just before the official end of the lottery. The darkness completed the essence of the crime and the justice that awaited it was done.

At first I was afraid of whatever he would do, it would still be his word against me, Robert Miles. But in the end, I didn’t keep it to myself and I bet on the New York lottery. His drug past does not affect his credibility, but they keep him in sight. And when, after six years, was the authenticity of his words confirmed? Miles eventually won the game in full force, while the fraudulent sale of lost los Ashkar el for me. Technically, he stole five million, and that’s where the bank robbery.

Gamble from MIT

The total intelligence of 11,000 students and one thousandth professor in the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) are able to bend time and space with a little too much. So far, 76 Nobel Prize winners have emerged from this university. Genius mathematicians, physicists and statisticians showed up twice in the right light. They used their penetrating reason and extraordinary abilities to reveal a shortcoming in the gambling system. And patin evaluated it.

It was the first time in eight years that a group of five students from MIT, in collaboration with a professional game, managed to open the banks of several casinos in Atlantic City. Technically, it was not dn vindlovn. Just be able to cover the cards. Before the croupier fell asleep, they played games in the blackjack game, which in seconds were ab