Elite base jumper Rus Rozov died in the Himalayas


- Russian Valery Rozov, who devoted himself to extreme base jumping from the mountains, died in an accident in the Himalayas over the weekend. This was announced on Sunday by members of his expedition.


Rozov, two years old, wanted to jump off the highest mountains of all seven continents. He lived his life while trying to jump in the Mount Everest area of ​​Nepl, from Mount Ama Dablam 6,812 meters high.

He died on Saturday. We sent helicopters and we dreamed of drinking, said AFP agent Mingam Gelu from the club Seven Peak, who organized the expedition. The circumstances of Rozov’s data were not yet clear.

Base jumping is an extreme form of parautism, in which it is woven from fixed points – high buildings and rocks. Jumpers very often have special overalls, they are able to glide through the air. Rozov was wearing it. And near the ground then the base jumpei open the pad for safe piston.

Rozov was one of the few base jumpers that also belong to the elite climbers. He tried to connect both sports uniquely. In 2013, he jumped from the Tibetsk mountain of Changtse from a height of 7,220 meters and a safe pistol on the Rongbuk Glacier below the north face of Mt. Everest. Last year, he broke his personal record and set a new world record by jumping from 7,700 meters from below the top of the world’s sixth mountain, the Oj in the Himalayas.

He became, among other things, the first hunter to conquer the sharp rocky peak of the 2,930 meter high Mount Ulvetanna in Antarctica and landed from n.

A strong wind threw the Russian record holder while jumping from a skyscraper:

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